March 2, 2010

Puck Bunnies

Puck bunny: from canadian slang. a woman who goes to hockey games for the sole purpose of 'scoring' with one of the players afterward.

- Canadian Oxford Dictionary

I've been following Katrina Cady's blog for some time now (Psycho Lady Hockey, You may not agree with everything she says (especially about hockey wives or girlfriends), but she knows a thing or two about puck bunnies - she's even written a book about them (Down the Rabbit Hole: A Guide to Puck Bunnies). Katrina spent the month of February dedicating post after post to puck bunnies.

Another site I have started to follow is 'Life of a Hockey Wife' ( I think she and I had similar goals in mind when we started our blogs - we both wanted to create a place where we could share our crazy (and not so crazy) hockey-life experiences. ‘Hockey Wife' recently blogged about a "Wanna-be Home-wrecker'.

I didn't want to acknowledge puck bunnies in my blog because I can’t stand them … but I think I have to because they are unavoidable, even in Italy. Unfortunately, these girls/women play a part in the lives of hockey girlfriends and wives.

Some are actually pretty well-meaning and innocent. Some are absolute nightmares.

When we were living in the States, puck bunnies were never a huge problem for me. Now and then my husband would tell me stories of girls waiting for players near the team bus or at their hotel when they were on the road. They would find out which hotel the visiting team was staying at, get a room, then offer to buy them beer … and I am certain they offered a whole lot more than that but I never wanted to know (because often times I knew the girlfriend or wife of the guy who was about to cheat).

Some might say I am naïve but I completely and totally trust my husband. I know that if he is going to cheat, he is going to cheat, and there is little I can do to control that. He’s never given me a reason to think he would cheat and he knows that we would be over if I ever found out that he did cheat. I also know that if I let these pathetic women get under my skin, it will only cause problems in my marriage. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have much of a relationship.

The problem is that at every game there are women vying for the attention of the players; women who are willing to do just about anything for that attention. They are at the restaurants and bars that the players frequent after every game. They are on Facebook. They are on the Talk-Sports blogs. And they have no boundaries. They don’t care if a guy is in a relationship, if he is married, or if he has children.

I often find myself asking the same question Hockey Wife asked, “WHY?” The truth is, I don’t know why women throw themselves at anyone – professional athlete or not. There are dirtbag men around the world. Men who cheat, men who lie. And I’ll be the first to say that the men who do choose to cheat are more to blame than the puck bunny who lured them in. But … why do women do this to other women?

There was one girl, here in Italy, who messaged my husband on Facebook. Desperate for conversation she asked how to make scrambled eggs. As if she couldn’t Google it? Anyway, she went on to ask what he was doing … blah, blah, blah. If she was on Facebook, she obviously knew he was married and had a young child. Why spark conversation with him, of all players? I'm sure she messaged numerous guys on the team, but why message someone with a family? Anyway, I ran into her at a wine bar when I arrived in Italy. A huge part of me wanted to pummel her, though I don’t think that battle would have gone in my favor as I am 5’ 2” and she is … not. The other part of me just felt sorry for her. Pathetic.

There was another puck bunny from Italy who tried to chat it up on Facebook (again, did she not see that he had a family? How does that not deter some of these women from writing that particular guy?) with my husband. He used to add anyone and everyone who wanted to be his ‘friend’ … that ended after this particular puck bunny. We had just had enough. I digress ... She offered to come over to his apartment with a bottle of wine and asked if he could teach her about … the birds and the bees. She doesn’t know this but half of the team was reading what she typed and they were saying anything they could to get her to keep going, laughing at her all the way. I have seen her at a few of my husband’s hockey games this season – with her mother. She was maybe 16 years old.

At the end of the day I have learned that what matters most is my family. I will always do whatever it takes to protect my family and my marriage in particular – but I refuse to let these pathetic women affect my relationship with my husband. As Hockey Wife said, “In the end, it’s him and I. Nothing and no one else matters.”

Well said, Hockey Wife!


  1. Ahahahahahhahahahahahahaha.... I dot mean to laugh but I can see, and have seen the guys on our team message people back fo pure entertainment haha I wish these girls knew what a source of entertainment they can be! HA pathetic, but almost sad, but mostly pathetic :)

  2. It really is. I laugh when it happens, in the background, but at the same time it makes me ill to think that these girls really would do anything for their attention - no thought about the other woman or children in the man's life.

  3. I don't mean to start trouble when I say this but I noticed that when you said that girls will do almost anything to get a hockey players attention, and then you said that they are on talk-sports. Not all the girls that post on talk-sports are trying to get a hockey players attention. Like I said before I do not mean to start trouble.

  4. Anonymous,

    You are totally right and you don't have to worry about starting trouble here. I'm not easily offended and it's an open forum for discussion.

    Talk-Sports can be used for a number of purposes. There are a lot of people who use it as a discussion board to talk about trades, call-ups, recent games, why they like 'so and so's' style of play, etc.

    It's just unfortunate that some people use it with bad intentions.

    There are a lot of dedicated hockey fans who like to keep up with everything they can concerning their favorite team or player, both on and off the ice. Nothing wrong with that, if you ask me, and Talk-Sports can be a great place to do it. It's just a problem when someone crosses the line.

  5. Yes that is unfortunate that some people cross the line on talk-sports. I am glad you understand that I was not trying to start a fight.

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  7. I don't mean to start shit either...but did it ever cross your mind that there are some female fans that want to meet hockey players for the same reason male fans want to? Seriously, my guy friends think it would be just as awesome to meet their favorite players as I do. I may think some players are cute, but what's wrong with that? It doesn't mean I want to get in their pants, make them cheat on their wives or break up their family. I'm happily engaged myself, even if I wasn't I respect people in monogamous relationships, it'd be a dick move not to. And I mean who wouldn't want to meet their idols? Just because I'm a different gender makes people automatically assume I want to get with one. If I was capable of snorting I would. Has it crossed your mind maybe some female fans want to meet players, idk, to shoot the breeze with? Talk shit, hockey, etc and get to know their favorite players better? That makes us a home wrecker? Yea, a female fan will probabbly message your husband and not be deterred by his marital or dating status because, uh, yea, she has no interest in him in that way. Just a thought. There are asshole women out there that don't care and would try something anyway and they're dicks but they aren't all of us. If I had the chance to get my favorite player's attention, I'd go for it. Like, hey what's goin on, lets go get a drink or something. I think you're awesome. Doesn't mean I want the guy to be mine. What's wrong with meeting a female fan and going out for drinks? What's wrong with cross gendered friendships that make people so uneasy. If you love the person you're with, you trust them right? Most of my friends are guys, I would go insane if my fiancee was half as possessive as you make yourself out to be. Thank god he trusts me. I'd get mad at women too if they were paying after my man, but I'm not worried about him. Let the bitches try, you know? But just because a female friend messages him, doesn't mean she only wants one thing. That's just stupid, even if it is the case overwhelmingly most the time. Idk, as a female fan, it just irritates me. Not all women are after your guy, we just think he's neat and want to meet him like everyone else in the stands. Feh, I'm ranting. Anyway...<_< *sighs* I just get so frustrated at this kind of thing. My male girlfriends get mad at them and me for hanging out too, even though I've known him longer and we're good friends. Women are crazy and need better esteem or to date better men (arguably men are and need to do the same too). Feh

  8. S.R., You're not starting anything here. If I wasn't prepared to respond to differing opinions, I wouldn't have put this blog out there for the world to see. I'm open to people's ideas and opinions and I am glad you felt comfortable enough to share yours.
    I completely understand where you are coming from. But I think you misunderstood this post.
    This post wasn’t about female fans. I would never slam anyone who pays hard earned money to watch my husband play or supports him on and off the ice. And I would never deter him from chatting it up with a fan, female or male.
    This post was about puck bunnies. The definition I pulled from the Canadian Oxford Dictionary is misleading and I’ll work to find a new one that is less offensive and more accurate. You have my most sincere apologies for that, I can see how it could be easily misinterpreted.

    I appreciate your opinion and I hope that I clarified a few things for you. If not, feel free to write again or e-mail me at

  9. Aren't puck bunnies just hockey wives in training?

  10. Hahaha! In some cases, yes. I know a handful of guys who have married women who were, at one point, shameless puck bunnies who slept their way down rosters. But most of the wives I have met weren't interested in hockey, or hockey players, when they met their husbands. Just my observation!


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