July 20, 2010

I'm excited ... And more packing tips.

Well it's time to pack again. I am excited to pack this time around because I actually know what to pack and how to pack it.

Actually, I am excited about everything this time around. Saying goodbyes, shopping for last minute things, organizing my family's belongings, packing, even sleeping ... it's all a lot easier when you know what you're in for. Last year my head would spin as I'd read my to-do lists. Now, I am organized and on top of it.

(Warning, this blog entry won't stimulate your interest unless you're moving to Europe. I'll write about more exciting things soon.)

Three pieces of advice that will save you a lot of money while you're gone:

1) If you own a car and have a lien-holder, call and ask for permission to remove collision insurance. 2) If they approve, call your car insurance company and remove collision insurance. 3) If you have a cell phone, call your provider and suspend your service. It saved us nearly $2,000 over the course of eight months. I would imagine most people think of these things but I started this blog, in part, as a guide, so I have to tell you.

I've learned a lot when it comes to packing, specifically. I didn't really cover baby toys last year, and it's kind of important. I brought a lot of Linden's toys, some he loved, some I wanted him to love. I ended up having to leave a lot of things behind because, of course, I ended up buying toys there. And he never grew to love half the things I brought. They sat in a box. When your bags have to weigh less than 50 pounds, every item you put in your bag needs to be relatively necessary.

Depending on where you are, English books can be hard to find. Now that Linden is nearly two years old and more interested in books, I have set aside four or five books that he really enjoys. The rest stay behind. Cloth books are the best. They are easy to pack and light weight. You'll be able to buy bath toys, stuffed animals, etc. wherever you are.

I totally recommend bringing little things to spice up your child's room. You're placed in an apartment that won't feel like home. Everything about European living is different. Beds, bathrooms, closets, floors. Linden is obsessed with Disney-Pixar Cars so I bought a package of wall decals at Babies R Us to bring with us. I also bought him a Cars pillow case and he has a Cars blanket. I can't count on finding Cars things in Germany and I want him to feel comfortable in his room. These things are easy to pack, weigh virtually nothing, and I am confident they will make all the difference as he adjusts to his new environment. Heck, having those things will make my adjustment easier!

I really want to bring Linden's Lightning McQueen push-car to Germany. He scoots around on it all day. Any ideas that will help me convince my husband that it's necessary? No? Shoot.

Sidenote: Last year I mentioned bringing basic medicines you keep around the house for your child. With recent recalls, I have found infant Tylenol and Motrin nearly impossible to find. Ask your pharmacist for the help. They usually have a generic brand of pain reliever/fever reducer on hand. It's better than nothing!

Okay, enough packing information for one post. Back to being excited.

Did I mention that I am excited?

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