August 30, 2011

Beyond the imperfections.

I am happy to report that me and preseason are officially friends-ON, again. I'm not exactly sure what it is but everything is just ... easier this season. I think I can chalk a lot of it up to the fact that it's just another season, and every season seems easier than the last. If you asked my husband, he would probably tell you that everything is easier because he prepped me for this preseason with his "it's all about me" lectures. But honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with expectations (or lack thereof) and perspective.

Just before we left, my husband received an e-mail from someone within an organization he played for once up on a time. I'm paraphrasing but he basically said, "I heard you signed in Germany. I hope you signed for a ton of money because that town is a shit hole and your wife is going to be miserable."

I would be lying if I said that similar thoughts haven't crossed my mind when friends of ours have told us that they signed with a team that treated us like garbage in the past, but I would never, ever say those things to anyone because ... I'm not an asshole. I also know that my experience won't necessarily be their experience.

As I walked to the park this morning, I thought about that e-mail. I tried to find a reason why he might refer to this place as a shit hole. I mean, that's some strong verbage, right? I tried to find something wrong with being here; something to complain about. And I failed. Miserably.

Will there be things that drive me batshit crazy this season? Probably. Will there be days when I bitch and moan about something? Uh huh. Will there be times when I miss my family and my friends? Absolutely. No season will ever be perfect. But being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Ernest Hemingway once said that you should never write about a place until you're away from it, because that gives you perspective. Brilliant. When I was being treated like crap in Italy or things were falling apart in Germany, I had a hard time finding the good in any of it. It wasn't until we were back in the States that we realized just how much playing and living in Europe meant to us, individually and as a family.

We knew that if we got an offer to just about anywhere, we would take it. No questions asked. No expectations. Only the hope that this would be a good season.

Experiences are what you make them. It's as simple as that. But for the record, this town isn't a shit hole. And I'm not miserable.

I am thankful to be here.


  1. Ernest Hemingway really is a genius. Italy was so different for us the first time and we couldn't wait to get home. But when we left we couldn't believe how amazing it really was. And now how excited we both truly are to be going back there.

    I'm so happy that you're happy there! It will be a great year!!

  2. Amen to every season being easier than the last! :) And what an a-hole. Now I am curious and want to know who the dumbass was that said that. Don't you just love love love those people in hockey?? Blech. But I really do love love love that everything is going great! It is going to be a fun year for ya'll!

  3. I love this and can totally relate. Our last two seasons I heard nothing but what a shit-hole the cities were.

    The first one we lived in a brand new apartment next door to a rink, and on a river. I ran along the river walk almost every day. There was a huge field that we used to let our dog off-leash to run around with other dogs. I had a washer and dryer in my apartment. I had everything I wanted.

    Then last year we heard the same thing again. We lived out in the countryside where I could walk my dog in the woods or the sidewalk where he'd meet plenty of other dogs to play with. I was close to home and got to see my family whenever I wanted. I would have returned to that city again, no problem.

    For the third year in a row I'm hearing the same thing. I'm willing to bet it's not what others say, but then again, I've never let someone else's opinion affect mine. I'll make up my own mind, thanks.

    Sometimes people just like to complain or rain on someone else's parade. I'm glad you give every place a chance just like I love to. So far it sounds like you're having a good time, and that's what matters. I hope it continues!

  4. I agree completely. Good for you for going into this with a great attitude. I hope you have a fabulous season!

  5. Rachel said it best with "Sometimes people just like to complain or rain on someone else's parade." I don't get that and why people want to share their misery. No I am not a pollyanna but that's just a shitty thing to tell you all! If someone wants my opinion about somewhere I will give it to them...with the caveat that this is MY personal experience and they might have a different one...good or bad. Sort of like a movie. I never give a blanket recommendation to anyone if I don't know what they like. I can say "Go See Harry Potter!" and someone might hate it. I might say "Well what kind of movies do you like? Well this one may not be something you would like then." (But I uh may tell my mom that movies she wants to see suck because she has shitty tastes in movie. For serious.)

    But good for you for having this attitude. It never hurts to try and like something until it gives you a reason not to.

  6. My significant other played in Germany 2 seasons ago, and loved it. European living is definitely a different way of life, but wonderful! Enjoy the culture!

  7. I love this post my friend. Both because there is so much truth to it, and because it's kind of fantastic to hear you're settling in so well!

  8. Speaking to you (everyday) I can definitely notice a difference in you. Not just in perspective, but in your overall happiness. And that makes me happy :o)

  9. i thought of you immediately when i heard of the yaroslavl plane crask. i know the hubby plays in germany, but i was still frightened for you and your family. sending you my best thoughts, and much love.



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