June 26, 2014

Schießt ein Tor!

Did anyone else watch the USA v. Deutschland game this morning? Me too!
Little Lindybug here spent the entire week shouting German cheers, but when I asked him who he was cheering for today he proudly said, "The USA, Mom! Duh!"

I brought a ton of random "Deutschland" stuff back home, with the thought that Linden might use some of it to decorate his room or for school projects or whatever. It's been in a box since we touched down in late-April, because truth be told, my love affair with Germany is on hiatus. But when the CEO of my company challenged us to dress in our red, white, and blue best today - as the USA took on Germany in the World Cup - I had to dig it all out.

Much to my chagrin, no awards were given to those with the most spirit. What a crock, right? 

(And just so you know, my fellow Americans, I may have been clad in loads of Deutschland attire for shits and giggles, but I wholeheartedly cheered for the U S of A.)

1 comment:

  1. Looking good Eishockey Frau :) I wasn't able to watch the game as it was on at 11 a.m. here and no TV at work, but my German husband watched at home and updated me via text. He's quite happy this evening.


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